As you probably know, a jailhouse cat ... with a tatt and everything ... recently got paroled and is headed for some kind of rehab home in Texas.

Ok, it's more than a "rehab" home, it's a fur-ever home and it's very cool of this Texas family to take "El Chapo - Gato" in. In other news, have you heard about Ezequiel?

Ezequiel is the pancake eating, tortilla stealing, pig on the ham ... errrr, lam ... recently re-incarcerated in Juarez.

Seriously, I am so NOT making this up.

I'll tell all about each of them, and a few others as well, just keep reading.

First off, a refresher on the cat who was found, tattooed, in a Juarez jail.

Now, on to Ezequiel. He wasn't really arrested, poor guy was rescued and placed in an animal shelter in Juarez.

In true outlaw fashion, 'Zeke busted out ... well, he probably just walked out but that doesn't sounds as dramatic so, (for our purposes), he busted out ... in a daring, daylight escape that animals will talk about for ages.

Probably a Pixar movie coming on this story ... either them or Disney.

Anyway, Ezequiel was tough and refused to eat while being held captive. Until they introduced him to pancakes, (not really a good idea), then he totally broke and started munching like crazy.

That only fueled his desire for freedom ... and tastier food ... so, he staged his epic escape and went after more goodies.

Authorities tracked El Zeke-o to a convenience store where he was about to skip town with a kilo of tortillas. He was recaptured without a struggle and sent to a special facility somewhere on the Casas Grandes Highway.

That's not all:

Life on the border is weird. Even our animals are crae...

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