I'm not really sure why gender reveals became a thing. It used to be that you went to the OB/GYN, had an ultrasound, came home and then made the phone calls to your family and friends to tell them what you were going to have. "Hey Mom and Dad, it's a boy!" "Hey bestie, we found out today that we're having a girl!" That used to be enough. But then people started getting pink and blue cakes which morphed into popping balloons so that the expectant parents could be showered in pink or blue glitter or confetti, which turned into those stupid pink or blue powder cannons that seem to always be exploding in people's faces or being deployed incorrectly and ending up being launched into Dad's crotch.

Gender reveals have gotten so out of hand that one actually caused a major wildfire. The El Dorado wildfire in California was caused by a "smoke generating pyrotechnic device" and ultimately burned over 20,000 acres. For heaven's sake people, really? Someone once had a pink or blue cake and now we have to have smoke generating pyrotechnic devices? It's a kid, not the heir to the throne. A El Paso family recently had a little difficulty with their gender reveal party. Fireworks are great but this family found out the hard way that they don't always behave the way you want them to:

The next time someone invites you to a gender reveal party, ask them if there is going to be cake and balloons or smoke generating pyrotechnic devices before you send your RSVP.

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