The rock legend, along with his wife, visited the small town, partied and performed in 2000.

You may be wondering why a classic rock superstar like Graham Nash would want to party and perform in Anthony, Texas.  It's simple really, his (then) wife Susan was born in a leap year. WTH does that have to do with anything? Well ...

Anthony, Texas is known as the Leap Year Capital of the World and hosts a birthday party every 4 years for those known as "29-ers". It all started with a lady named Mary Ann Brown, a "29-er" herself, who wanted to acknowledge those who only got a "true" birthday once every 4 years.

She contacted the governors of each state to try and have them start similar celebrations and to officially earn Anthony the title of "Leap Year Capitol Of The World."  She began in 1989 and, by 1996, had already lived up to the claim to "worldwide" fame as "29-ers" from all over the globe flocked to Anthony.

Graham Nash heard about the big shindig in little 'ole Anthony and decided to surprise his wife with a trip there to celebrate her birthday and the new millennium in style. He even performed a free concert for all the birthday boys and girls and Good Morning America aired live segments from the event.

Issues with funding complicated things a bit at one point and both Anthony's ... Texas and New Mexico ... now take part in the event. The next one is set for 2024 and organizers hope to set a world record with that one.

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