A national insurance organization just released its 2023 list of the best places in the United States for motorcyclists and El Paso made it into single digits.

El Paso is pretty much right in the middle of the autoinsurance.org list of top 12 best cities for motorcyclists.

Weather, overall road conditions and temperature would, obviously, factor in to what it takes to make this list and we certainly have a leg up ... and our kickstands up ... in that department.

There are a number of great places to ride around El Paso for sure and I'll share some of my favorite routes with you in a bit. For now, here is what they had to say about us:

With little rain and warm temperatures, El Paso is a great destination for a ride throughout the year. Don’t head out for a ride without your camera, and be prepared to stop to take in the sweeping vistas from the high places along the way. - autoinsurance.org

Weather-wise, we've got it pretty good around here. In addition to that, we also have some beautiful scenery to enjoy as you ride through it and tons of places for great food, beer and other fun stuff along the way.

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The website also gave some love to Phoenix, Arizona in terms of being a great place to ride. See the rest of their top 12 here. For other motorcycle stats, city with the most motorcycles sold, most popular brand, worst city for bikers, etc; click here.,

Autoinsurance.org listed a couple of "must-ride" routes for El Paso that I have been praising for years, Trans Mountain and Scenic Drive.

I have a few other favorites too, click the links below to see some of them and, as always, ride safe.

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