As Halloween approaches, everyone is all about the spooky so, here's a great haunted date night idea.

Dinner and drinks is always a nice date night combo, right?  Well, being that Halloween is right around the corner, here is a perfect way to enjoy those things, get your scare on and support local businesses while you're at it.

First up, let's grab a drink or two. If you want some creepy cocktails, there's a new place in town that is just perfect for that. Midtown Spirits, located at 2224 E. Yandell, opened recently and brings a New Orleans voodoo vibe to El Paso.

Photo, Jerry Walker
Photo, Jerry Walker

Not only is the decor on the dark side, I think there are actually some genuine spooks haunting the place as well.

The artwork is great, the location easy to get to and along with music, there are several tv's. So, if you go on gameday, you won't have to totally miss the NFL action. (Given the French Quarter "feel", Midtown Spirits is a great place to watch the Saints. Just sayin'.)

Great prices and great food if you want to have dinner here too or, maybe just an appetizer. If you're lucky, on top of the ghost(s), you may catch a glimpse of a local rock legend. Midtown Spirits is co-owned by Pissing Razors guitarist Matt Lynch.

Bonus: After dark, you will have an amazing view of the star on the mountain.

Photo, Facebook/Midtown Spirits
Photo, Midtown Spirits

Now, if you haven't stuffed yourself at Midtown Spirits, make your way to Monteleones Italian Restaurant at 3023 Gateway East. This place is WAY haunted and has even been featured on Paranormal Witness.

It can sometimes be hard to get a table there so, here's a backup plan ... Monteleones Haunted Motel.  Located at 512 San Marcial, this restaurant offers you the chance to dine in a haunted motel. (In a historic home that seems to truly be haunted.)

You get your own "motel room" and everything, perfect for Psycho fans.

So, there you go. Genuine "spirits" and phantom fare await you in Central El Paso.



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