El Paso is loaded with things we don't really need. Meanwhile, things we do need can't get through.

Governor Abbott has a ton of things on his mind these days, as does Mayor Leeser, but I really do wish they would look into this issue. I've been struggling with it for years and I'm not alone.

El Chuco needs a Pibb fix, (think Dr. Pepper with extra stuff .. like sugar), and we need it bad.

The flow of drugs into the area is strong and smooth, despite all the different law enforcement agencies in place to stop to

Illegal bologna crosses the border all the time and, over Easter especially, I'm sure a ton of contraband Easter eggs, or Cascarones found their way into the 915.

Jeez, a bunch of prairie dogs figured out a way to get out of their habitat and into El Paso by busting out of the El Paso Zoo.

Yet, we can't get Mr. Pibb imported...

I've had friends buy it for me when traveling east and I certainly load up whenever I find any while traveling.

I even had a truck driver friend once who would bring me cases at a time. It was sorta like Smokey and the Bandit, except without Smokey, the Bandit, Cledus or Fred.

No need for all that since moving Mr. Pibb west across Texas isn't against the law. For some reason though, we can't seem to find anyone to do it on a regular basis.

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That's what I'd like the powers that be ... and/or the military since they've got special forces, SEAL teams, satellites and other cool stuff  ... to look into.

Godspeed Sirs, I look forward to the day when my fellow Pibb'ies and I can simply walk into the convenience store of our choice and grab a Pibb at will.

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