Watch this, even though you've seen it before. Once you see it, you'll realize you've seen it, but you'll appreciate it so much more when you see it again. I've been in it and I can't stop laughing because I know I'll be in it, probably forever!

It is the post-game press conference. Doesn't matter the sport. This is THE post-game press conference! And it has Weird Al Yankovic.

If you watch sports, or even just SportsCenter, you'll know exactly what these people are talking about even though they're not really talking about anything.

This is one of the big debut videos from The Kicker, and it is incredibly brilliant because none of it is true specifically, but generally it is dead-solid perfect. Every post-game press conference has some or all of these characters, especially at the national level.

You don't always get a meltdown like Weird Al has at the end (looking very much like the decidedly un-rant-prone Pete Carroll), but when you do, who doesn't remember it?

Jim Mora's "Playoffs?!" Dennis Green's tense-transcendent "They are what we thought they were!" We'll never forget them, but they have nothing on Coach Yankovic!

And I may never be able to stop laughing at a post-game press conference again.