It has been a whirlwind week for the BYU men's basketball team. On Monday Brandon Davies was confronted about a possible honor code violation.  By Tuesday he was dismissed from the team.  On Wednesday the Cougars got crushed by New Mexico at home.  The media and fans have largely praised BYU for 'standing by their principles' and not compromising them to win a basketball game.  Most reports indicate Davies violation of the honor code was engaging in pre-marital sex.  There has been little sympathy for Davies because he knew what the honor code consisted of the day he set foot on campus.

The crack staff at have published this article by Luke O'Brien. This information was told to the author by a former BYU student.  Most of us have learned all about BYU and the honor code because of the Davies story.  Most former  BYU athletes asked to comment on Davies beat the same dead horse about knowing what you signed up for when you attend BYU.  Some former athletes and the anonymous source in the Deadspin article have speculated that the honor code office is more rigid that it had been in the past.

The other big question that will emerge in the coming weeks is how did the team find out about Davies violation?  For the most part sexual congress is a very private activity, and I highly doubt Davies called himself out on the violation.  We may never know the answer to that question because Jim McMahon still doesn't know who outed him on his various honor code violations.  As more facts and details emerge in this ever fluid story it will be interesting to see if the initial reaction remains the same.

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