UTEP quarterback TJ Goodwin turned into an internet sensation overnight after his sister, Loryn Goodwin—a former WNBA player and Oklahoma State basketball graduate—caught a one-handed pass in a one-on-one route.

Loryn, who initially posted the viral video on Instagram, got jammed at the line of scrimmage by TJ, but she was able to find an edge on him and speed past the UTEP quarterback while running her inside route. Then came the catch, which was a bit ahead of her, but she was still able to secure it. Then came the uproar of everyone watching—and they let TJ have it!

Then, throughout Sunday, the video was shared across all social media platforms and racked up thousands of views.

But the Houston native defended himself, jokingly, in a series of tweets.

TJ is right! QB1 is his mantra. He's not a defensive back, nor plays on defense. His sister was able to still get the better of him, though. All in all, he was a good sport. He shared viral posts from on SportsCenter, Bleacher Report and Overtime, among others who shared the video.

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