Earlier this morning, we learned that UTEP football coach Mike Price would be revealing his "future plans" at a noon press conference. That news is not surprising since the team has one game left to play and this is Coach Price's final media luncheon of the season. The only question now is what decision will he make?

If I had to guess, I expect Coach Price to announce that Saturday will be his last game as Miners head coach and he will be retiring from college coaching following the game. He is too classy an individual to stay on as coach and force the university to relieve him of his duties. At the same time, I am sure today's decision will be very tough for Price to make, considering he has been involved in college football for more than 40 years.

I hope that UTEP has offered Price a chance to stay with their athletic department in some capacity. Despite not delivering enough victories at UTEP to keep the fan base happy, he has always been one of the best salesmen this school has ever seen. Price's outgoing personality and charm makes him a big fan favorite and he could have a great future in the community by staying involved in UTEP athletics.