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UTEP Fans Gone Forever?
In the wake of the ongoing attendance problem that UTEP football has endured for quite some time now, it has lead me to ask two key questions; will fans ever want to come back to the Sun Bowl to watch a program that has been on the decline for years now, and will this issue inevitably lead to the Mi…
Bob Stull is Retiring
He created the Miner Athletic Center, the Larry K. Durham Center, Helen of Troy softball complex and Foster-Stevens Center. These facilities have help transform the university in to the place that it has become today, and were incredible additions to the unique campus.
Coach Price Inspires Students
Former UTEP football coach Mike Price visited numerous students at Bassett Middle School on Thursday and offered inspirational and encouraging words of advice.
Coach Price used his charm and humor to break the ice with the kids as he told a joke at the Iceman's expense...

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