Former UTEP football coach Mike Price visited numerous students at Bassett Middle School on Thursday and offered inspirational and encouraging words of advice.

Coach Price used his charm and humor to break the ice with the kids as he told a joke at the Iceman's expense.  Following that he repeatedly told the kids to "stay in school" and "dream big."  He mentioned to the students that they can accomplish anything they want if they are dedicated and work hard enough.  I asked Coach to bring some visual aids to show the students and he decided to bring his bowl rings which impressed the kids quite a bit.

Coach told the students a couple of amazing football stories including one in particular about a fourth string defensive back named Burt King who played for him at Weber State.  Price mentioned that King wrote down his goals for him to keep.  Coach said he has been carrying that piece of paper with King's goals  around for the past 25 years.  Coach told the students that King went from being fourth string to starting a game against Boise State because of his endless dedication and exceptional work ethic.  Price finished the story about King by saying that he intercepted a pass and took it in for a pick 6 to win the game.

Coach added that King was a really short player but never allowed his limitations to get in the way of achieving his dreams.  Coach finished his speech by discussing the importance of being a great communicator, he noted, "communication is the number one thing in life, in getting a job, marriage, in everything we do."

My special thanks to Coach Price for taking time out of his schedule to come talk to our students at Bassett Middle School, he continues to show why he is loved in the community and has always been and continues to be a class act!