By now, you have probably seen the viral wedding dinner that someone posted on Reddit. If you haven't, allow me to introduce to you this unique wedding meal that consisted of onion rings and macaroni and cheese.

Oh, right, I forgot to mention, there were pieces of cut up hot dog on the mac & cheese.

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The OP commented to let people know that this was apparently in El Paso:


Actually, it does NOT clear things up at all! We all know that the traditional food served at El Paso weddings is brisket, right? Other's were also confused by the meal choice, and by the El Paso comment:

This does not explain this all to well at all. It raises more questions. Why not mexican food? Why a wedding on a Thursday? Who gave mother in law the OK for food without knowing what food? So many questions!

The meal doesn't look too bad, but the people over on Reddit were a little triggered by the meal! Someone wrote:

What a terrible way to spend the money, now if they had hired Donald and Goofy on the other hand...

So some were not happy with the food choice. However, since the post has gone viral, FitFam has since picked it up and the comments there were a bit more positive.

This must have been a really fun wedding! Nothing wrong with changing things up a bit.

And some agreed that this is actually not a bad choice:

I do not understand why people keep choosing fancy meals that taste like sh*t when ol’ faithful like this is always a hit.

As for me, I wouldn't mind this meal- I've been to weddings where there is no food so at least they fed their guests!

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