A usual wedding checklist consists of: cake, flowers, something old, something borrowed and something blue. Maybe your something blue can be... the water in the wave pool at Wet 'N' Wild Water World?

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Courtesy: Wet-N-Wild

Recently, I wrote an article that highlighted five unique wedding venues in El Paso. The five that I included were:

  • The El Paso Municipal Rose Garden
  • The El Paso Zoo
  • The International Museum of Art
  • Keystone Heritage Park & the El Paso Desert Botanical Garden
  • Alcantar Sky Garden

You can find out all about them here.

And now you can add another unique El Paso venue: Wet 'N' Wild Water World! I know you're probably scratching your head and wondering "how?!" because I thought the same thing- but over on Instagram they shared a wedding that they recently hosted at the water park and it looks amazing! Check it out below:

How beautiful does that look? A huge congratulations to that happy couple!

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If you had some questions, like I did, you aren't alone because several people had questions as well like: would you have to rent out the entire water park? to which Wet 'N' Wild replied back saying:

This one was a reception at the park during the evening so the regular park hours are over and you can reserve just the one area or you could also reserve the whole park if you wanted to. You could even get after hours pool time as well. The options are almost limitless!

As for how much that would cost? Wet 'N' Wild replied saying:

It would be custom to whatever options you add or not. We could give you more details for any specific questions in a DM or if you give us a call at 915-886-2222

Sounds like Wet 'N' Wild will be getting an influx of calls from couples who want their wedding to stand out!

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