There are some people in El Paso who prefer to mark an important moment in a unique way. For example, some couples in El Paso will do double the hitching in two places and at different times.

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By that, I am referring to couples who will get hitched in Las Vegas at a chapel. Then set another date or use the same day just a year later but throw a huge wedding in El Paso.

Sin City is sometimes a place sober tourists arrive single but will leave hitched after a wild drunken night. We have seen movies and shows that involve two wasted people that meet and end up hitched.

But I got to admit, marrying in two different places at two different times is cool. Now it is not as cool as getting hitched in two places at once like you can in El Paso.

Of course, anywhere that is a border town can also marry in two places at once if the services are available. But imagine getting hitched right at the crossing line where Juarez meets El Paso.

I think that would be an awesome story to share about getting married in two places at once. In my personal opinion, I would love to be able to say I got married smack dab in the middle of El Paso and Juarez.

Getting married in two different countries at the same time seems like something a couple wanted to do that is unique. But check out what one minister says on that subject by checking out the KTSM 9 News YouTube video below.

I reached out to Ruben Escandon Jr. about the picture he shared of a couple that was excited to get hitched.

via Ruben Escandon Jr.
via Ruben Escandon Jr.

There are some couples out there that would love to get hitched in a unique way and this is definitely it. Yes, we know the purpose of why marriages take place on the bridge but it would be cool to get married on an international bridge.

There is nothing like a pre-wedding before the real wedding goes down. Thank goodness El Paso is a border city for people who want other options when it comes to marrying their life partner.

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