At first, I was just as upset as most of the country that the so called best and most exciting Olympic events were going to be tape delayed.

Why not, Right? We are all spoiled with LIVE coverage of almost every sporting event we watch here in the states. It is something we all love about our sports in this country, whether the sport is being played here or not, we love that it is LIVE.

At the same time, not everyone is as fortunate as myself and the others I work with, not everyone is afforded the chance to watch sports pretty much 24/7.

So when the Olympics started, I was shocked that my wife wanted to watch the coverage even after she heard all the complaining I had been doing.

It is my job to know what is happening in the Olympics for SportsCenter headlines during SportsTalk, so I already know who has won each event. My wife on the other hand, is at work, does not watch sports (unless she is with me) and does not listen to sports talk radio. As we have watched the coverage, to her, it is like it is LIVE. To see her get excited as I watch and bite my tongue not to yell out who has won the event we are watching, let me just say... I get it.

Am I happy about it? No. I am selfish that way? Yes.

Isn't everyone that has complained about the coverage being tape delayed selfish? Of course.

BUT we are a product of the changing of the times and advancements in technology and we know it is possible to see the events LIVE. That's what is so frustrating to everyone.

My advice, stream it if you want it LIVE.... I do.