I find it so strange that every country in the world wants not only to beat us in every athletic competition but I feel all countries aspire to be like the USA when it comes to most sports, especially the major sports.

So it is with this thought that I wonder why the Canadian Women's soccer team is in such an uproar over the outcome of yesterday's semifinal against the US Women's team in the Olympics.

Where there questionable calls? Of course, if you watch enough sports you realize that there are always questionable calls. Isn't that the beauty of sports? The human element that can sometimes arise? Everyone is not perfect, namely referees in team sports.

As American's, we know this more than anyone and have been on the other side of this situation more often than not. There are too many examples to list but the one that stands out is the 1972 Olympic Basketball team.

To be the best you have to beat the best. That is the age old saying.

But you also have to deal with what goes along with being the best and something tells me there are some countries that are not up to the challenge yet.