Everyone in Canada thought yesterdays match against the US Women's National Team would be vindication for what happened at the Olympics.

Well, they were wrong.

The US beat Canada 0-3 behind two goals from Alex Morgan and the capper, a stoppage time goal from Sydney LeRoux.

LeRoux, if you do not know the back story, was born in Canada but her father is American and she has dual citizenship. So she decided to switch and play for the US in 2008 and basically made every Canadian mad in the process.

When she entered yesterdays match and every time she touched the ball, she was booed.

After she scored her goal, LeRoux was a little animated in retaliation to the crowd for how she was treated and you would think that is to be expected. Right?


Well, I guess not in the opinion of the Canadian announcers. From the sound of it, she was just supposed to take it and not do anything. Listen to how the they reacted when she scored the final goal.

They want to talk about having "class"?

Grow up, fellas.