2012 Olympics

Icetime- High School Football, NFL, Olympics, MMA and More
Welcome to another addition of Icetime with the Iceman Brandon Cohn.
Today's topics include the NFL, high school football and the Iceman's pre- season top 10, the Olympics, and MMA.
My special thanks to Educator and sports enthusiast Frank Galindo for joining me today on Icetime...
On The Losing Side Of Controversy, Canada Cries About Referees
I find it so strange that every country in the world wants not only to beat us in every athletic competition but I feel all countries aspire to be like the USA when it comes to most sports, especially the major sports.
So it is with this thought that I wonder why the Canadian Women's soccer team is i…
More USA Women in 2012 Olympics than USA Men
If there's one statistic out even before the London Olympics begin next week, it's the number of women participating beating the number of men. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Title IX, which gave women equal opportunity in sport as compared to men on an athletic platform as well a…