Believe it or not, because the Tucson Padres will become the El Paso Triple A team next year, we are connected to what they do now.

It is something like the picture you see that makes me wish we were not and we just got the team next year and lived happily ever after. Right?

These uniforms were from the 1980 season of the Tucson Toros and next month, the Tucson Padres (OUR TEAM) will don these god awful things for a disco night promotion by the team.

Funny thing is, they are not going to wear the orange pants, the pants will be white and they are not going to wear the same hat because they claim it will be "too hard to recreate". Really?? Are you serious??

If you are going to do this, then do it right and bring back the whole god awful uniform.

And while you are at it I am an X-Large, Steve is a Large and please don't for get the hats!!