In 2002 the Trenton Thunder introduced Chase, a golden retriever the would fetch the bats after the Thunder players would bat. Chase passed away yesterday at the age of 13.

Chase had been diagnosed with lymphoma in February and given only months to live. Chase's given name was Chase That Golden Thunder. and he had been replaced by his son, Derby who took over in recent years due to old age setting in. On Friday the Thunder  had a retirement party for Chase and almost of his dog family was in attendance. All of his human family was there and the Thunder gave the fans one last chance to see Chase.

This a one of the great stories that Minor League Baseball provides and I can't wait to see a tradition here in El Paso that can rival this story. Somehow though, I don't think we will ever see something this special but I hope MSSG tries like hell!

Below is the tribute video that was played at the retirement party and it is a tear jerk-er.

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