I don't know about you, but this time of year, my favorite, Christmastime, I am all about driving around with my family and enjoying the scenery. I love looking at Christmas lights! We all do. In my hometown, we have a Christmas light display that one of the locals sets up yearly for us all to enjoy. In Odessa, we have Starbright Village, where hundreds drive-thru to marvel at each and every Christmas. 

One thing I can honestly say I have never done in my life is see a dancing Christmas water fountain. I had no clue it existed! So when I came across this beautiful display on Tiktok, I knew I had to share it with as many people as possible because it is here in Texas.

Colored light show in gardens at holiday time.

It is the Nancy Beat Fountain at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas, TX. Every night beginning at 6:45 pm there is a free Christmas dancing water show at the world's tallest interactive fountain. You can enjoy a 30-minute holiday music performance choreographed with artful water movements and lighting.

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If you are looking for something different to experience with your family this year and you happen to be in the Dallas area, it is a must see! @DallasDiscovered TikTok page makes this look amazing and just FYI there are food trucks in the area to grab some snacks while enjoying the lighted dancing water show.

Check it out for yourself:

@dallas_discovered 📍Nancy Beat Fountain at Klyde Warren Park #dallas #klydewarrenpark #dallasdiscovered #visitdallas #thingstodoindallas #dallaschristmas #freethingstodoindallas #dallastexas #dallasholidays #christmas2022 ♬ Main Theme (From Walt Disney's "A Christmas Carol") - Dominik Hauser

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