After it was announced that old-school rockers Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, and Alice Cooper are bringing their world tour to Sun Bowl Stadium summer of ’23, it didn’t take long for some on social media to drag the announcement.

While the majority of El Paso-area rock fans were super excited at the prospect of seeing the iconic bands, Keyboard Warriors took the opportunity to take some savage swipes - mostly clowning the bands and the people who want to go see them for their age.

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Rock of Aged

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These are some of my favorite rude -- but, funny -- comments.

At this age they are deaf not def

Yikes. They’re gonna have to jump start their hearts

be careful headbanging, those hips don't snap back like they used to

Instead of pot the whole place is going to smell like Bengay

The wheelchair access lines are gonna be craaaazy!

As long as the concerts over by 830. Murder She Wrote is on cable at 9

The parking lot is going to be full of people pregaming at 4 with Ibuprofen, Bengay and heat pads

I gotta be honest, as much as they sting those jabs are gold.

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Those of us of a certain age keep losing more and more singers, actors, and rock gods we grew up with every year, so go ahead and take your swipes and have your fun.

I'm just glad we have a chance to see them while we can.

Mötley, Leppard, and Alice are going to bring back some good memories when we’re at the stadium throwing devil horns, and possibly our backs.

And as for pregaming with a pain reliever and topicals for aches and pains before a night of violently shaking one's head, well that's just good advice for any age.

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