Remember that website I wrote an article not too long ago about their list of the five best neighborhoods in El Paso; the only problem was that the website got so much wrong!

Well, is back at it again! This time they're claiming the "26 Things You Need To Know About El Paso Before You Move There". They're all a little wonky, but out of all the 26, six of them I really had a problem with. You can read the entire list here. To see which six I had problems with- keep scrolling.

1. Let's start with number 5: "For The Non-Hiking El Pasoans, There’s An Easier Way To The Top"

This website claims that if you're not really into hiking, then you can always take the Wyler Aerial Tramway. The weird part of this website is that there isn't a date that this was published, so it's hard to tell if this was published before or after Wyler Aerial Tramway stopped operating.

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2. El Paso Really Blooms During The Fiesta Del Las Flores

Again, it's been years since we've had Fiesta de las Flores!

3. El Pasoans Feel Free To Walk The Streets Past Midnight

We may be one of the safest cities, but it's still a little weird to claim we love walking outside past midnight.

4.  Folks in El Paso Walk Everywhere, And They Love It

Yeah, that's not true!

5. The Sky’s The Limit In El Paso During Balloonfest

Yeah, we haven't had that one in years either!

But none other than this final one really irk me!

6.  El Pasoans Have A Grand Time On The Rio Grande

What the actual eff?? Just read what the website says:

"When it’s warm, which is basically all the time, people flock to the river in droves to angler fish, hike along the banks, and go whitewater rafting. One of the most popular events in El Paso even happens there, the KLAQ Great River Raft Race, which consists of El Pasoans building their own unique raft and coasting three miles downstream in a giant group."

It's obvious that this website is just pulling (very wrong) information from tidbits online. I know that, but it still stresses me out! Other people will read this and have these preconceived notions about EP- then when none of these are real they think we're lame, this website is lame!

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