With the temperatures getting warmer in the borderland you may find yourself wanting to head outside more to take a stroll in the park.

If you happen to pass by a colorful rock while you’re out walking, pick it up! It might just make your day. That’s what happened when my parents went for a walk at Ascarate park and were surprised with a beautiful rock. When they turned the rock over they saw a note saying, “If found, post on El Paso Rocks Facebook page.”

My parents shared their photo and decided to keep the rock because it made their day, and that’s the purpose of these “Kindness rocks.”

“Kindness Rocks” are not something new to El Paso. There are plenty of Facebook groups that share photos of these artistic rocks, but recently I came across a page from an El Paso mom who started painting these rocks as a hobby but now she’s hoping to turn that hobby into something more.

“I  mostly just make them for fun. I started in 2020 just to pass the time. Then I found a painted rock one day in a parking lot,” said Diana Cabral. “On the back of it, it said to post as found on the Facebook page “El Paso rocks!” So I did and found a community of people who paint rocks and leave them around for people to find.”

When Diana looked up the Facebook page she loved the idea of spreading kindness through art on rocks so she decided to do a few of her own.

Diana creates art work for fun but is also hoping to eventually sell a few of her custom work to people who request a special rock.

Her artwork ranges from holiday themed rocks, to cartoon characters, to family last names, and my personal favorites are the ones that make you take a second look with the phrases that seem to be for adults, but when you read them again you realize, “Wow, I need to get my mind out of the gutter.”

Courtesy: Diana Cabral
Courtesy: Diana Cabral

Every month, Diana joins the group of rock painters for their monthly “Kid Rock Hunt” where they hide kid friendly rocks in a specific park, post the location, and wait for the kids to head out to find these special rocks.

“Usually when people find your rock and go to the page to post it, they will tell us that it made them smile or that they were having a bad day and finding the rock helped pick them up,” said Diana.

Diana hopes more people will find out about these “kindness rocks” so they can join in on the fun too and hopefully make someone's day with a simple work of art on a rock.

I’ve said it before and I will keep on saying it, sometimes a simple and small kind gesture can turn someone's day around. I’m happy El Paso is finding more ways to spread kindness and I hope to one day find one of these “kindness rocks” of my own!

Reach out to Diana via her Instagram page to request a custom made “Kindness Rock.”

Kindness Rocks


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