We are in a dark place in our history right now. COVID-19, not being able to go to work or school or shopping in a normal way, worrying about the election of our next president. We could all use something cute and cuddly to come home to at the end of yet another scary day.

Well, here is exactly what you need. It's Wilber the pot-bellied pig! The El Paso County Canine Rescue is Wilber's home for right now, but they are trying to find him his forever home. Wilber is an adult pot-bellied pig that the rescue says is super personable. He is good with families because he's been raised around kids, horses, and goats. As you can see from the photo, he can be hand-fed and will let you pick him up which, judging from his size, could be a great workout for you. Wilber did have a home but his previous owner had financial difficulties and had to give him up.

If you aren't sure you can keep Wilber the pot-bellied pig as a pet, you could always foster him while he is awaiting adoption. You can log onto the El Paso County Canine Rescue Facebook page to find out more information about Wilbur and maybe help him find his new forever home just in time for the holidays. You can also check out more traditional pets who also need forever homes as well. Check out the page and don't shop for your next pet, adopt one that needs your families love.

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