The Delta variant is making headlines across the world as the highly contagious, easily transmissible variant of the COVID-19 virus becomes the dominant strain worldwide. Los Angeles County public health officials are even reinstating their mask mandate in the wake of the rising numbers of infections there. The mask mandate isn't statewide but officials in Los Angeles County say it's a necessary step. Others are saying that vaccinated people are "being asked to make a sacrifice to help slow coronavirus spread among the unvaccinated."

So what is going on with the Delta variant in El Paso? Well that depends on who you talk to. Earlier this week Dr. Edward Michaelson with Texas Tech University Health and Sciences Center in El Paso told a local news station that he thinks the variant is in our are because of the rise of the positivity rate and the symptoms that are a little different than those we had been seeing before.


Dr. Hector Ocaranza says that there are no reported cases of the Delta variant but if you are fully vaccinated that will help protect you and "build a shield" of protection in El Paso. Ocaranza also said that while there are no facilities in El Paso that can test for the Delta variant currently, there are a number of labs that can do that type of testing for El Paso.

El Paso officials say the best course of action you can take is to get fully vaccinated. If you have gotten the first dose of your vaccine but not the second, go get that taken care of. You might catch COVID-19 even if you're vaccinated but you'll most likely not get sick enough to be hospitalized or have bad symptoms. You can get all the information you need about getting the vaccine by clicking here.

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