Almost everyone in El Paso enjoyed catching some of their favorite bands or artists at Tricky Falls. Despite how small the venue was it sure was one of the greatest spots to catch a show.

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Now after time had passed concertgoers were devastated after hearing about the bad news. We all were pretty bummed when we heard about Tricky Falls closing its doors years ago.

It was such a buzz kill for those who enjoyed the Tricky Falls concert venue. But there has been some news going around that should amp up concertgoers.

Matteo Martinez who runs things at The Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue on Montana Ave. shared some exciting news. The rocker himself Matteo Martinez shared a video by Frank Lara of Royal Elect Studios showcasing a new concert venue.

After I watched the short clip I couldn't help but feel anxiously excited about the future shows to see there. Plus, the new venue reminded me of an old spot we used to see free concerts at back in the day.

I am referring to the old Speaking Rock Entertainment Center that was sometimes used for concerts in booney land. The new joint is called The Goat Live Music Entertainment Center.

It sure looks spacious which means even more room to fit a ton of people who are ready to rock. This was just a little teaser to show El Pasoans where they can expect to see future concerts.

There has not been a time set for when we can expect this new spot to open yet. But we can certainly look forward to seeing future shows with a bigger crowd soon.

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