I've seen a ton of bands perform in the Borderland. Some "rookies", some on their way to rock super-stardom and some that had already achieved "legend" status.

I once posted about the biggest venues I have seen shows in around El Paso and in  Las Cruces. Obviously, they would be centered around some pretty big bands; right?.

"Big shows" don't necessarily always require the biggest venues though.

I once saw Metallica play in a bar on the east side called the Big Apple. (It's not there anymore so don't go looking for it.)

I also saw Green Day, at the height of their popularity, play at Tricky Falls.

One of my all time favorite venues but, while VERY cool, still not the 10,000 seat kind of place they'd usually play.

If you follow the above links, you'll see my rundown of some off the "big" acts I have seen in the biggest El Paso and Las Cruces venues.

I've also seen some iconic bands in the 602 as well.

Of all the concerts I have seen in Arizona, here are the "biggest" bands I've seen in the Phoenix area.

  • The Rolling Stones played a big arena, Footprint Center ... home of the Phoenix Suns.
  • Alice Cooper once played an outdoor venue in Cave Creek that seemed to be a stage set up on a golf course.
  • Metallica and Godsmack played a "medium" venue. The Phoenix equivalent of the Don Haskins Center.
  • The smallest venue, featuring an iconic band, would be seeing Social Distortion play in a decent sized bar.

The Many Amazing Concert Venues El Paso Has, Had And Will Have

The Many Amazing Concert Venues El Paso Has, Had And Will Have

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