We all know living in El Paso has its days when you never know what kind of weather we're expected to get.

One thing we do know for sure about our weather is it can be bipolar at times.

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Honestly, El Paso has had days when we have seen different types of weather in one day. For example, one day we can have snow come down in El Paso then within a few hours be sunny and warm.

We can't forget the time it snowed at the beginning of February this year. It is rare when El Paso sees snow which some wish would happen during Christmas time.

I am sure there are some people in El Paso who wish it would snow more often than what we usually get. As for me, I am not a fan of the cold weather and would prefer to only enjoy the snow for twenty minutes but that is about it.

But if you love the snow and it can't come to you, you can always go to it in Texas.

Luckily, there is a place you can go to snow that is year-round snow and indoors!

So if you at all ever get tired of the El Paso heat, head to Little Elm, Texas to cool down.

Snowy Fun is where you can head to cool down during these hot temperatures for some cool fun.

If you want an idea of what the indoor snow park is like just refer to the YouTube reel from Snowy Fun above. Instead of having to travel extremely far for snow, now you can still stay in Texas for it.

I feel if El Paso can have an infinity lights room at Fountains at Farah we could really use a snow room. But for now, you must travel quite a distance if you ever wondered what it is like to play with snow in a room.

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