Besides the eccentric Powerstar Golf on the Xbox One, we have yet to see a realistic golf title to join the next-gen club, and it looks like The Golf Club is using the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One as its caddy. Say what you want about the game itself, but The Golf Club is setting itself out to be one of the most visually impressive sports titles on next-gen so far.

According to the official website, HB Studios is well aware of one of the main detriments facing the genre of sports games, and of golf titles in particular, load times. HB Studios claims The Golf Club will feature state of the art graphics and minimal to zero load time. They also seek to be community-oriented by having a ton of online features and will closely monitor fans' reactions to The Golf Club in order to finely tune it during its open beta phase, which should be coming soon.

HB Studios has yet to set a definitive date for The Golf Club's release, but is aiming to let this birdie fly sometime this Spring.

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