It's been almost twenty years since RBI Baseball has graced a console, but all that changes this year. RBI Baseball 14 brings the classic franchise back just when the world needed a multi-platform baseball game the most.

Just a short time after 2K Sports euthanized its MLB 2K series for good (thank the good Lord above), the MLB went ahead and announced RBI Baseball 14. The next entry, the first since RBI Baseball 95, will be available on current and next-gen consoles, as well as mobile devices. There are virtually no details about the revamped franchise beyond those listed previously.

The only other baseball game in town, Sony's MLB: The Show, is exclusive to the PlayStation platforms. Since we know so little about what RBI Baseball 14 will be about, like whether or not it will be a simulation-style game or more akin to its earliest incarnations as an arcade-y sports game, there's no reason to get excited just yet. Pitchers and catchers are due to report for spring training just in time for Valentine's Day, so MLB Advanced Media doesn't have much time to drum up excitement for this venture.

We've only gotten but a glimpse of what Sony San Diego has cooking for MLB 14: The Show, but even those few screens and concepts show a great deal more promise than the lone logo revealed for RBI Baseball 14. We're big baseball fans, so we're hoping RBI Baseball 14 has something good to offer fans. Even if it's a colossal failure, it'll still probably be better than MLB 2K13.

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