It should come as no surprise there will be another entry in the fantastic MLB: The Show series on Sony's platforms next year. However, if you're looking to play hardball on a next-gen console, the only way to play will be with MLB 14: The Show.

Sony and its San Diego Studio debuted the first details and footage from the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of The Show this week, and though it's very early, we're impressed. While the video above is light on gameplay, and features mostly test shots of player models showcasing the difference between the PS3 and PS4 versions, what's being shown is extremely promising.

To give people an idea of what the PS4 is truly capable of though, the best way to tell so far is in the first screenshots of Fenway Park's scoreboard. Over on the PlayStation blog, there are some comparison images from this past year's iteration and the upcoming PS4 release, and the results are amazing. It's almost hard to believe the difference could be that vast, but from the different textures on the wood and metal to the improved lighting, it's probably the most realistically rendered scoreboard we've ever seen. That might not mean much to non-baseball fans, but this Fenway is a thing of beauty... so far.

In addition, Sony San Diego did reveal a bit about the changes coming to The Show, including improvements to Road to the Show. Starting with MLB 14, your save files will carry over year to year, meaning when MLB 15 arrives, you can import your career or season to continue with all the latest improvements instead of starting from scratch. A new quick counts mode is being added for people who think the games are too long, dropping the average playtime for a nine-inning game to about 30 minutes.

There are still a few months to go until we get to see the final product, but if the rest of MLB 14: The Show's updates can keep up the excitement level, the next generation of baseball is going to be one you won't want to miss.