In case you were living under an air conditioned rock this past weekend, it was HOT across the borderland. Like, very hot.

El Paso broke a record this past Saturday with an official high of 107 degrees!

However, the triple digit heat didn't stop a few young El Paso and Las Cruces kids from setting up their own lemonade stands to help locals beat the heat!

Las Cruces Students Create Lemonade Stand For A Good Cause:

Elementary students from University Hills Elementary school in Las Cruces held a Lemonade stand this past Friday in hopes of raising funds for pediatric cancer research.

“We're trying to raise money for charity and our goal is $400,” said University Hills student Dylan Manez.

$400 is the equivalent to one hour of pediatric cancer research and students were hoping to raise more than their goal of $400.

Lemonade stand LC

The idea for this lemonade was all thanks to a book the students read during their Summer program which was about a sibling lemonade war.

“The book chronicles a brother and a sister who are having a lemonade war and so with that idea, in class we decided that it would be fun to read. We did research into setting up our own lemonade stand,” said University Hills third grade teacher Jackee Scarborough.

Iris Lopez
Iris Lopez

The students were able to learn entrepreneurship skills along with the importance of giving back to those in need in our community.

“It makes me feel good and happy that we’re helping kids that have sicknesses and cancer,” said fourth grader Emily Luna.

All funds raised would be donated to Alex’s Lemonade stand, a non-profit organization that raises money for childhood cancer research.

El Paso Boy Proves That The Heat Shouldn’t Stop You From Working Hard:

One El Paso boy decided that he was going to make some hard earned money by helping locals beat the heat this past weekend.

Little Jay set up his homemade lemonade stand outside of an east El Paso park and urged locals to head on out for some hand-squeezed lemonade and cookies to help him earn some money this summer.

“Hey guys, I’m gonna be selling some lemonade. It’s very refreshing and I’m also going to be selling some cookies if you want to come by,” said little Jay in a video that was shared on El Paso’s FitFam Instagram page.

The video has received over 82-thousand views and many people are giving Little Jay credit for his hustle.

Respect the hustle!! With that kind of attitude and mind set will definitely help him out as he gets older”

And some even offering future business tips for Little Jay:

“Maybe with all his success he can have more variety of aquas frecas.”

With so much free time during Summer vacation it’s great to see young kids finding ways to stay busy that also teach them important life skills!

Kudos to all these kiddos proving that triple digit heat should never be an excuse to stop the hustle!


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