This poor woman! All this North Texas woman wanted was to enjoy her retirement, but instead she's been busy keeping men away from her doorstep who are looking for sex!

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No, the woman isn't purposely luring men to her doorstep, apparently these men are mistakenly sent to her address after paying through a website. Elaine White of Plano is fed up with all the men who are showing up on her doorstep looking for a good time. Nothing is stopping the men from showing up, not the Ring camera she installed and not even the signs warning trespassers.

It recently got so bad that White shared several video clips with NBC 5 showing man after man with the same story.

Nikki, Kelly or Rhonda, whichever one the men are looking for, are instead greeted by White, who has no idea how her address ended up on this sex website!

It could have just been a random address that was added to this website that poses as a massage parlor from Dallas, but White has exhausted all her options, and nothing is keeping the "Johns" away- including the sign that says "Kelly Does Not Live Here"

Despite all the hassle, White does say she is thankful for the quick response from law enforcement when she does feel the need to call them; and I have a feeling that she can handle herself- even without her gun.

Either way, she's very fortunate that no situation where a John has gone to her home has escalated, and hopefully someone out there can help her get her address off that website!

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