For now. Because we all know, anything can happen. These are all bands & artists who performed only one time in El Paso... and that's it. They haven't returned, perhaps one day they will.

EDIT: This is strictly for El Paso. We're not talking about Las Cruces or Juarez.

The Pretty Reckless (2014): If you remember the KLAQ Balloonfest in 2014, you probably remember seeing The Pretty Reckless open up for Five Finger Death Punch that year. As of right now, that's the only time Taylor Momsen & the boys have been to El Paso. It was still a blast...

Nightwish (2015): Tricky Falls has seen some incredible shows over the years; take 2015. The year that the symphonic metal group Nightwish would perform for their El Paso fans. Sabbaton also played an amazing show that night; and for now we've only seen Nightwish come that one time but at keast they came here at all.

Royal Blood (2015): 2015 was the same year we'd see the British duo Royal Blood. They also would appear at Tricky Falls 5 months later. It's a shame that is the sole appearance in El Paso. If they do appear again, they deserve a stage like the Haskins or Abraham Chavez.

Creed (2012): We've seen Mark Tremonti & Scott Stapp appear in El Paso before, but the one (and so far only) time they've appeared together was at Speaking Rock's Socorro Entertainment Center back on August 8th, 2012. With the talks of a possible Creed reunion, who knows if they'll make a comeback here again?

The Strokes (2004): Before The Strokes became huge superstars; a very early Strokes would come to El Paso March 26th, 2004 during their Room on Fire tour. They would play at X'Cape (which later became Tricky Falls). A small band at a small club before both would become even bigger? That just feels so fitting doesn't it?

Rise Against (2002): A staple in the Vans Warped Tour stable, Chicago's Rise Against did play in El Paso very early in their career, during their first album The Unraveling. Way back on January 16, 2002 at the Cantina La Tuya. Sadly Cantina La Tuya is no longer around but the memories still remain...

Porcupine Tree (2010): Speaking of venues that are sadly no longer with us, the British prog rock band Porcupine Tree actually came to the old Club 101 location on August 17th, 2010. That same night both The Deer Hunter as well as Coheed & Cambria performed afterwards.

Normally the band is used to playing huge stadiums across the globe; so it's pretty cool they actually played for a more intimate show in El Paso.

Fall Out Boy (2018): It took a while but FOB finally came to EP just little over 4 years ago; September 25th 2018 at the Don Haskins. MGK was also there to open up for the show. While some fans appreciated his set,it's clear the crowd were there for Fall Out Boy.

3 Doors Down (2009): We know they've done shows close to El Paso, in New Mexico. But for now that have one sole appearance performing for us; performing with Parachute on June 30th, 2009 at the Abraham Chavez Theater. And there IS video of the concert on YouTube.

The 1975 (2017): We'll wrap up this addition of one & done El Paso concerts with The 1975. April 21st, 2017 was the date that the pop rock giants came to give their El Paso fans at the Abraham Chavez Theater. Given the huge amount of design & effort that went into their stage show, it was a great choice for a venue. Let's hope they can bring back again soon.

You can see plenty more artists who performed only once in El Paso right here.

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