El Paso has a vast concert history; we've seen many legendary artists come to El Paso. Some come quite frequently, others every once in a while. Some have never played for an El Paso audience.

NOTE: This list is strictly for El Paso. So we're not including Las Cruces nor Juarez.

My Chemical Romance: When I was... a young boy... I really wanted to see My Chemical Romance live in concert. Sadly El Paso feels the same way & we're still waiting for the leaders of The Black Parade to bring their spectacles to El Paso. However we'll give Gerald some slack; after all he did record an album at Sonic Ranch. So he gets a pass... for now.

Oasis: No I'm not talking about Oasis Lanes, but the Brit Pop band Oasis. One of the biggest bands that has traveled all over the world... not once have they've appeared in El Paso. Not even Liam on his solo tour either. It's a shame because I'd love to see a huge audience sing their songs all together that's not at a karaoke bar. Anyway here's Wonderwall...

Neil Young: One of the biggest names in rock history, Neil Young, has never made his way to El Paso either. He HAS shown up to our friends to the west in Las Cruces way back in 1983. [Guess who brought Neil into town?]

Tony Valenzuela
Tony Valenzuela

But until then, the man with the Heart of Gold has yet to rock in El Paso.

Rammstein: The German industrial kings, Rammstein, HAVE been to Texas before; they've played in the big cities like Houston, San Antonio, & Dallas. However El Paso is NOT included, which is a shame because I feel like that show would sell out if they did. Til then...we'll just keep headbanging to the music on our speakers.

Garbage: The mid 90s gave us some amazing alternative rock bands; one of the biggest was the Madison, Wisconsin band Garbage. Despite playing in Las Cruces (3 times), they've never stopped to play in El Paso once.

Phil Collins/Genesis: Arguably one of the biggest names in pop history, Phil Collins has never been to El Paso. Whether it'd be his solo project or with his band Genesis, Phil has never shown up to play for an El Paso (or Las Cruces) crowd during his 4 decade career. It's a shame we haven't hear the crowd sing along to In the Air Tonight. Cause I guarantee you, if he did come to town, we would.

Tenacious D: Yes the comedy duo of Jack Black & Kyle Gass have never performed in El Paso...together. Kyle Gass & his band actually HAS been to El Paso once in 2016 at the Lowbrow Palace (I'm sure Emily Davis remembers that show since she opened up for the show). But as a group, not yet. We have to keep waiting...

If you want to see more bands & artists who have never been to El Paso, you can see part one right here.

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