Before I reveal the Best Tag Team of All Time, let's some of the great tag teams that unfortunately didn't quite make the cut of Top Ten.  Unfortunately not all great teams can make the list of Ten Best, but there are several more teams that are great teams and should be recognized for their accomplishments.  Here now are the five best tag teams to miss the cut:

5.  The Acolytes/APA-  As both John "Bradshaw" Layfield's and Ron "Farooq" Simmon's singles careers began to stall, WWF decided to team them up to form the team that was first known as Hell's Henchmen-- managed by the Jackyl.  After the Jackyl's departure from WWF, they became the Acolytes and joined the Undertakers' heel stable Ministry of Darkness.  After merging with the Corporation to become the Corporate Ministry, the Acolytes would go on to win their first WWF Tag Team Championship, defeating the team of X-Pac and Kane.  They would win their second tag titles in a handicap match victory over the Hardy Boyz and their manager Michael Hayes.  After re-dubbing themselves the Acolyte Protection Agency (APA), the would win one more tag title by defeating the Dudley Boyz in 2001.  During their run as the APA, they would set up a make-shift office backstage (usually playing cards) and agree to "protect" other wrestlers for a fee.  Upon Simmon's retirement from active wrestling, Layfield would go on to singles success winning a WWE Championship before retiring in 2009.

4.  Wild Samoans-  The team Afa and Sika, of the famed Anoai family, wrestled for Stampede Wrestling, Mid-South Wrestling, National Wrestling Alliance, and World Wrestling Federation.  They would hold 21 championships over the course of their career.  The Wild Samoans began their careers in Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling where they held the Stampede International Tag Team Championship on two occasions.  They would wrestle throughout various NWA territories before joining WWF.  They would reign as tag champs in WWF two times during their first run in the WWF.  They would spend time in Mid-South Wrestling and hold the territory's tag titles during their run.  They would then join Georgia Championship Wrestling, where they would defeat the Fabulous Freebirds for the NWA National Tag Team Championship.  The Samoans would win a third WWF tag title upon their return to WWF-- the defeat Chief Jay and Jules Strongbow.

3.  The Rock and Roll Express-  Formed by Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson in 1983, the Rock and Roll Express would hold tag team gold in Jim Crockett Promotions as the NWA World Tag Team Championship four times and the Smoky Mountain Wrestling tag titles upon their reunion in the 1990s.  They would challenge for the American Wrestling Association's AWA World Tag Team titles and feud with the Four Horsemen.  They were among the first major tag team made up of pure high-flyers to contend and win tag team gold.

2.   Nasty Boys-  The rare team of real-life childhood friends, Brian "Buff" Knobbs and Jerry "Biff" Sags, they began their careers in AWA and moved to Mid-South Wrestling before joining Florida Championship Wrestling-- where they won five tag team titles between 1989 and 1990.  They joined WWF in 1990, eventually defeating the Hart Foundation at Wrestlemania VII in 1991 to win the WWF Tag Team Championship.  After they returned WCW in 1993 (had a short unsucessful run before joining WWF), the Nasty Boys would win the WCW tag titles over Arn Anderson and Paul Roma.  The Nasty Boys also had a unique pre-dominantly black attire during a time period where all wrestlers wore colorful attires to the ring.

1.  Demolition-  Most prominent during the 1980s and early 1990s, Demolition was made up of Ax (Bill Eadie), Smash (Barry Darsow), and later would add Crush (Brian Adams).  They would the WWF Tag Team Championship three times.  They also hold the record for the single longest reign and the most combined days as the tag champs.  Shortly after Wrestlemania VI, Demolition would add Crush to the team to create a three on two advantage for Demolition-- in reality, Crush was added to due Ax dealing with an allergic illness he developed from shellfish that could incapacitate him for extended periods of time.  Having Crush allowed Ax to rest and manage more than wrestle, and the team was able to use the "Freebird Rule" when defending their tag belts.  Unfortunately, it was Ax's health issues that may have, in the long run, kept Demolition from having more success as a tag team.