El Paso got hit with another severe thunder and lightning storm yesterday, bringing heavy rain, hail, and even causing power outages across the city.

Jose Sariñana
Jose Sariñana

Monsoon season in El Paso has officially begun, and it's wreaking havoc on roadways, homes, businesses and severely flooding our streets. This year's monsoon season, which generally runs from around mid-June to the end of September, is reminiscent of the 100-year storm that occurred in the 2006 flood.

Sunday’s flash flood storm brought on a torrential downpour that almost felt like a mini hurricane bringing hail, heavy rain, and winds up to 56 mph, toppling trees and flooding streets, especially in West El Paso, Canutillo, and Southern New Mexico.

Driving conditions were so bad that motorists had to pull over while others took refuge at the nearest gas station to get out of the tempest.

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The storm was also to blame for various accidents and power outages across the city, even knocking news station KVIA off the air.

This year an unprecedented severe heatwave has been felt across the nation all the way up to the Pacific Northwest, where it’s so bad that marine life is literally cooking on the coast while some of the roads on I-5 are buckling and Portland Streetcar power cables are melting.

The gripping heat is also to blame for an abnormal rise in heatstroke victims and drownings because people are taking to the ocean, lakes, and rivers to cool off.

This type of scorching heat is rare in that part of the country, especially when temperatures generally linger around the mid-70s during this time of year.

It's no secret that our planet is experiencing an atmospheric flux in weather patterns. Climate change is real, and if we don't get serious about healing Mother Earth, our future looks pretty cloudy and dim, with a possibility of dire consequences.

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