It’s no surprise that dating has changed in the digital age but can the type of smart phone you have make a statement about your love life?

According to a new survey by, it can. And this is where it gets fun, because if you know this ahead of time, you can hone your Saturday night game plan based on this knowledge.

Cutting right to the chase, the survey found that Android users are more likely to hop in the sack on a first date than iPhone or BlackBerry users. A whopping 62% of them said they “had or would.” Those are pretty good odds.

It gets better, these Android users are also totally cool with one-night stands — 55% said they were fine with it, compared to 50% of iPhone users. BlackBerry users came in at 48% but when was the last time you saw someone with a BlackBerry leave with anyone?

If you’re looking for love online, there’s good news for you too. Those easy Android users are the most active on online dating websites. Their number came in at 72%. Only 58% of the snobby iPhone users cruise the online dating scene, and 50% of the lonely BlackBerry kin.

You also need to pay attention if you are trying to mix work with pleasure, because the story changes. It’s the iPhone users who are most likely to date in the workplace. We’re guessing probably because they never leave. And, interestingly, it’s the sad BlackBerry users who are the most likely to consume alcohol on the first date. We’re talking about 72% of them. They’re probably just nervous because they never go on dates.

The point is, gents, when she’s getting out her phone to put in your digits, make sure you check it out. The way your evening turns out could very much depend on what she whips out of that over-sized purse.

[via CBCNews]


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