That's one thing about Texas. Wide-open skies. On a clear night with just the moon and stars shining, you don't even need a flashlight. The sky is absolutely gorgeous most nights so it doesn't surprise me that so many people have noticed strange lights in the Texas sky lately. Have you seen them?

No, it's not an alien attack. It's not even UFOs. In a Forbes release, they're explained as satellites. Starlink satellites. A bunch on them. They were launched into space by the US company SpaceX, operated by South African businessman Elon Musk.


Phoro: Alpha Gustin/Facebook
Photo: Alpha Gustin/Facebook

When I say there is a bunch, I mean it. SpaceX has launched about 360 of these into space. Each satellite is about the size of a flattened car and each has a large solar panel. That explains how they look like they do from the earth.

These satellites are coming under some fire. The big question is why? What are they for? They're part of a plan called Starlink. The plan is to launch satellites into orbit, blanketing the earth, and beam the internet to earth from space. SpaceX plans to use this to fund missions to Mars.

Photo: Alpha Gustin/Facebook
Photo: Alpha Gustin/Facebook

The goal is to blanket the orbit around the earth with 12,000 of these satellites. Someday there could be up to 42,000 in space.

I was tinkering on a website the other night. It'll basically show you everything in the sky from constellations to satellites in real-time. Trust me when I tell you Starlink satellites are out there and there are a lot of them. So, the next time you turn your eyes to the sky and see strange lights, have no fear. No alien reports here.

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