No, it wasn’t a comet or a meteorite, and no there is no alien invasion to report.

A mysterious glowing object moving across the El Paso sky Thursday evening (10/27/22) caused a flood of inquiries on local media Facebook pages, with many wondering if they had just seen an alien spacecraft.

There is a lot of sky to look up at in the West Texas desert -- perfect for UFO and UAP sightings -- but as much as I’d like to believe it was extraterrestrial, the spacecraft in question was a SpaceX rocket.

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The SpaceX Mission

Geena Dz
Geena Dz

Elon Musk's space-exploration company launched a SpaceX Falcon rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base near Santa Barbara, California carrying a payload of satellites that are part of its Starlink project.

At least, that's what they're telling us. Maybe it was an alien life-form paying us a visit and using the rocket launch as cover. (Cue X-Files Theme). We report, you decide!

SpaceX has been launching these low-orbit satellites as part of an internet service the company is developing. The plan is to construct a satellite constellation that will provide high-speed internet to under-served locations all across the globe.

A grouping of those satellites was spotted moving in a straight line over east El Paso this past September eliciting the same curious reaction from those who witnessed it.

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