Russell Westbrook's talent can never be questioned.  His attitude, however, becomes a topic of conversation from time to time.  Westbrook had another 'episode' last night against Memphis.

The Thunder were leading the Grizzlies by 25 in the third quarter when Westbrook got called for a five second violation.  Westbrook proceeded to yell at his teammate, Thabo Sefolosha, for cutting through the lane and attracting a second defender on Westbrook.

OKC head coach Scott Brooks pulled Westbrook a minute later and assistant Mo Cheeks tried to calm him down on the bench.  Still steaming, Westbrook went to the locker room to cool down.  A calmer Westbrook returned after some time and the Thunder cruised to an easy 106-89 victory over the Grizz.

This isn't the first time Westbrook has gotten into it with Sefolosha, and it probably won't be the last.  Last season, also against Memphis, Westbrook got mad at Sef for passing up an open shot and Kevin Durant had to play peacemaker.

At that time many analysts speculated Westbrook's antics may hurt the Thunder down the road.  Oklahoma City WOULD NOT have defeated San Antonio or even Los Angeles in the playoffs if not for Westbrook's brilliant play.

Westbrook is an intense guy who occasionally blows a gasket.  We may criticize his behavior or shot selection from time to time, but the Thunder would have zero chance at an NBA or Western Conference title without him.