Make sure you get your taxes done ASAP. The tax filing deadline is just a few days away. It's July and it's the first time we've had to say this- the tax deadline is coming up. The coronavirus pandemic began to affect certain regions in the United States in February, but it really began gaining steam and scary Americans in March. The last thing on the American family's minds at the time was making sure they had their taxes done by the next month. The Federal government gave us all a break by extending the tax deadline three months and now it's time to get that paperwork together.

The delayed tax filing deadline is Wednesday, July 15th, which is tomorrow so make sure you file by then. Tax refunds are always a welcome "bonus" that many Americans look forward to every year, but there's bad news for people who file for a paper return every year. According to Fox Business, the IRS is behind on processing paper returns which means people who file the old fashioned way may be waiting a lot longer to see their paper refund checks. When the IRS shut down office operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the agency had about 20 million pieces of unopened mail and was already behind on 4.7 million paper returns at that time. Normally, paper returns take about 8 weeks to receive but now with this extreme backlog, there could also be an extreme wait to get your refund check this year. Luckily, the IRS says that most Americans, about 80%, use direct deposit to receive their refunds. 

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