Almost everyone has a good memory of the old Popular store that isn't around anymore. I remember back in the day my parents used to work at the Popular located in Downtown. The times my parents would be working at the department store my grandma would take me on the bus to go visit them sometimes. I always enjoyed visiting that store because of how friendly the staff were and exploring the store. The staff would give me a lollipop every time I got to visit my parents at work. I had the most fun when I got to explore the store going up and down the stairs that were right in front of the entrance. From what I remember about the store it was fun to wander around. Sometimes I would hide from my grandma in the clothes circular racks. Although, I did get scared sometimes going down to the very bottom level and never went alone.

Over the years the building where the old Popular department store laid has changed often. After the Popular had been gone for a long while that same spot changed to Union Fashion. Not sure how long Union Fashion lasted but then later down the line changed again in time. From Union Fashion it changed to Fallas Paredes which has lasted for quite some time now. But everyone has to have some sort of story of when they would shop at the Popular with their family back in the day. If you remember or don't recall the Popular leave your two cents below.

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