This morning Mayoral candidate and auto dealer Oscar Leeser announced the passing of his mother Rhoberta Leeser at the age of 89. Her commercials will forever live on in El Paso history. Everyone knows Rhoberta Leeser, as if she were our own mother. The matriarch of the Leeser family is famous in El Paso for starring in her son Oscar's commercial for his car dealership. The Hyundai of El Paso commercials always featured Rhoberta at the end, telling us how he's "such a good boy." The line makes many chuckle and smile, and now the dealership will forever be tied with her.

Rhoberta Lakehomer Leeser passed away peacefully this morning at the age of 89, according to a press release. She is survived by her six children, thirteen grandchildren, and thirty-one great-grandchildren. Rhoberta has been a proud El Pasoan since the late sixties and while known for her fame as a commercial star, she was also a wonderful woman to meet.

When I was working at a car rental branch, Rhoberta came into the business to pick up her vehicle and everyone at the branch was so excited to see Rhoberta. She smiled and was courteous as some of the staff even wanted to take photos with her, to prove they met Rhoberta in person. I also remember she was adamant that she would only rent a Hyundai, which should come as no surprise. She spoke with the staff for some time while her vehicle was cleaned (we has to search to find a Hyundai since they were all on rent at the time) and was nothing but every bit as sweet as she seems in the commercials. When she drove off, all of the staff couldn't help but smile. Even though she boasts about her son being the good boy, he clearly learned it from his mother.

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