This actually happened on Sunday, but it gave me great pleasure that 38 year old Knick forward Rasheed Wallace was tossed from a game for the first time in his brief stint in New York.

Wallace is well past his prime as a player, but he is just starting to enter his prime as a lunatic.  He is among NBA's all time leaders in technical fouls accrued with 314.

Sunday's ejection was a dandy, even by Wallace's lofty standards.  He lasted just 85 seconds in New York's 106-99 win over Phoenix.

Wallace received his first technical for swiping his hand at Luis Scola a second after being called for a foul.  When Goran Dragic bricked the free throw, Wallace screamed his patented “Ball don’t lie!” tag line and referee John Goble tossed him.

With today's NBA stars being so likable and marketable, 'Sheed remains one of the last holdouts from the leagues less than savory post Jordan, pre LeBron era.