El Paso’s Cincinnati District is looking to make some proposed changes, and honestly, it's about time.

El Paso’s Cincinnati District is looking to make some changes after the El Paso Police Department reports that they are seeing lower crimes happening in the area.

In late 2017 early 2018, El Paso’s Cincinnati Entertainment District had a makeover thanks to a $2.8 million construction project that included installing columns for the city’s signature Sun City Lights archway. The renovation also included increased parking, the widening of sidewalks, and landscaping.

Even before the renovations took place, the Cincinnati District has been in the public eye for decades due to noise complaints and incidents of violence and crime. Still, according to El Paso Police Department, the crime rate in the area has gone down as increased law enforcement has been present.

Aside from the lower crime reports, some new changes are being proposed for the Entertainment District by committee members and consultants.

What are the new changes?

Well, according to KTSM, the proposed changes include decorative lighting, planters, artwork, and surface treatment, freshly painted phone lines, no parking in alleyways, one-way alleys, and making the streets pedestrian-only after 6 p.m.

For years I have been saying that the Cincinnati District should close its street to traffic, helping to avoid more accidents and incidents between motorists and inebriated pedestrians who usually hop between bars all night.

The opportunity to make the area a pedestrian-only walkway for patrons is long overdue. Still, I’m glad that it’s at least being proposed and hopefully will get passed for approval.

Over the years, the Cincinnati Entertainment District has always been a place of contention ranging from wildly fun to dangerous and deadly. Hopefully, with the new proposed changes, the area will be a much safer place for patrons and neighborhood residents alike – we’ll have to wait and see.

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