There are a lot of people in El Paso who enjoy fishing in their free time around the borderland. The borderland has a few spots which include a hidden area where locals enjoy fishing at.

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The hidden spot that some locals enjoy fishing at is actually not far from the station. It is nearby the powerplant near the border highway on the Westside.

In fact, if you're clueless about where the hidden fishing spot is just refer to S&S Fishing's YouTube video above. You will recognize the Franklin Mountains in the background and the powerplant about fifty seconds in.

Another familiar spot some of you hit up when you want to go fishing is along the canal. If you haven't ever fished at the canal you can take notes from ENVy fishing's YouTube video below.

After watching ENVy fishing's YouTube video I couldn't believe how many fish the man hooked. Now, this video was taken last month of this year which means this spot should be added to your fishing spots list.

But just yesterday Ascarate Park announced a Catfish Drop which means it is time to hit up Ascarate Lake. About 2,000 lbs. of catfish were dumped into Ascarate Lake the day before yesterday and fishers couldn't be more excited.

Fishing during the summer is the second-best way you can work on your tan in my opinion. Now you have a few places to keep in mind when you want to go fishing in El Paso.

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