After a week of passionate and sometimes violent protesting across the nation, El Paso had their demonstration in protest of the murder of George Floyd, the Minnesota black man who died in police custody. The shocking death was caught on camera and caused an uproar across the nation and world. Violent protests have been seen in various large cities across the country, but peaceful protests have also been seen. Many communities have been coming together to support the protesters' cause, but also to condemn the violence and destruction that has happened at some of the gatherings.

The El Paso protest began at 6 p.m. at Memorial Park, where many activists spoke to the group to voice their frustration with the officers that have caused the death of African American people across the country and their anger at the system that has allowed these injustices to continue. The group then took a knee and had a moment of silence for the duration of the death of George Floyd on video. The protesters continued to grow as the group marched on to the El Paso Police headquarters. Around 8 p.m. the group began to head back to the park but there were videos on social media and reports of some issues at various portions of the protest. According to the El Paso Times, at about 9 p.m. there were still a few hundred protesters in the area and some water bottles were thrown at police. There were also videos of some protesters yelling at police and telling them to take a knee, according to tweets from journalist Bob Moore.

While there were some problems at the end of the protest, we want to highlight some of the beautiful moments of the protest and the power signs seen here in the Sun City. We hope these protests will be a catalyst for change in our own community for a better understand and trust between the people and law enforcement.

PHOTOS: El Paso's Protest For Justice For George Floyd

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